Guy down Highgate towards Finchley

Am on my way home when on Holloway road a guy on his bike really pushed it through the traffic, in/out of lanes, in high speed, curves, etc. etc…
Made a mental note of him being a d!ck head, and went along in my pace.

Later after Highgate station towards Finchley a traffic queue’s forming, which I decided to pass, as the other direction looked static too.
So went around it, come past the bus standing at the front of the queue to realize there’s been an accident, one motor bike on the road, one guy unconscious, and two other bikes standing around, plus a few other people.

Went forward, parked me bike on the side, enquired if the ambulance has been called, 2 people were in that moment on the phone already for the ambulance. Enquired who took the guy’s helmet off, turns out one of the women helping there’s a doctor, so I’ve been told.

Spoke with the other bikers to figure out what happened. The one guy, whose bike’s rear was a bit smashed, explained that he braked due to the traffic light being red (if I remember correctly now, that is), and the other guy behind him was too fast, braked hard, made a stoppie, but still managed to rush into the bike’s rear and then flipped over.

No protective boots, simple jeans trousers, no gloves, simple leather jacket from the looks of it, and unconscious.

As it turns out, this guy lying there is the same guy was speeding it up earlier up Holloway road etc.

Ambulance arrived, did their stuff, coppers arrived, took the details from the bikers and witnesses. They didn’t want mine, since I wasn’t there when the incident occurred, so I could go again then.

time and a place for all of it… that wasn’t it :angry:

It’s bad enough going across Holloway Road in peak hour, never mind hooning in it.

Was there any damage to him because of lack of protective clothing, or was he out cold from the impact? Was the other biker OK?

In this weather I see loads of riders coming into the City wearing just their work clothes and a lid. Mostly either on scoots or massive cruisers, oddly enough. :sick:

from what I could see he had a few bruises and wounds on his hands, other than that, no idea.
the other biker’s OK, just his bike’s rear damaged a bit.

see it daily too, muppets on speeder bikes with shirts/shorts/trainers/lid…

It’s hot out there, but I’ll still stick to me leathers!

I got no problem with someone who wont wear leathers in town. If I’m local then it’s jeans and trainers for me. But!!! if the route will exeed 30mph then thats another story. I dont wear leathers when I cycle at those speeds… remember, nothing will help vs an impact. it’s the sliding that the leathers help:pinch:

yeah, but those routes I see people wearing no protection includes 30+ mph roads :wink:

and holloway road’s 30 as well, but he was easily going 50+ at some stages.

Each to their own then… not that I havent gone over 30+ without gear :wink:

thats a load of bollox

  1. MOST bikes can easily exceed 30mph before you even know it.

jeans wil do nothing, unless they are armoured/kevlar.

i have had two offs in jeans in town, and when you cant stand up cos your knees fucked… it aint funny…lessons learned…

in trainers yoiu can quite easily snap your ankle at 5mph, trainers are a no no at anytime for me on a bike, plus it makes the gear lever feel odd to me.

nothing helps against impact? really!>? think again dude…knee armour…forearm armour, shoulder armour…in leathers case the knee armour normaly also forms into shin armour.

there are times nothing WILL help.

I’ve done 30 mph on a pushbike, obviously in shorts and t-shirt and come off…luckily I know how to fall but it still did this!

I was gonna say that, cyclists do 30 dressed in lycra and attached to their pedals

and look at the injuries some get, some even do have fatal accidents.

Around 10:40 PM the road was still closed, asked a copper if they had any updates on the guy, but they haven’t heard back yet from the hospital.

Yup - got a friend who is well into his cycling, with the lycra kit and all, says he’s terrified of a motorbike because of the speed (and won’t ride pillion with me when I get my big bike). But if we’re both doing 30mph and come off, I know who isn’t going to get their skin ripped off and their jaw smashed.

In london I think you’d struggle to spend much time at 30mph on a bicycle (unless you’re a red light jumping olympian) and I think most motorbikes are unlikely to keep it under 30 when the traffic is reasonably clear. Plus my motorbike weighs about 200kg more than my bicycle and that must be a factor when you’re sliding down the road together.

It’s obviously down to personal choice and everyone makes an assesment of the risks/rewards - Riding a mountain bike in full leathers would be safer but it wouldn’t half be difficult to pedal, riding a motorbike in shorts and sandals would be a lot cooler in summer but you’ll lose all your skin if you come off.

I tend to ride in a minimum of mesh/textile jacket & kevlar jeans (both with armour) short boots and gloves in the summer.

If you’re willing to take it easy then it’s almost certainly less risky riding in jeans than it would be hooning a bit in full leathers. The guys on vespas undertaking buses on clapham high street in shorts and flip flops still make me shudder though.

I disagree with this idea that motorbikes struggle to keep it 30 or under, at least in London.

I don’t really exceed 30mph unless I am on an a-road, 2 or 3 lanes with a speed limit ranging from 40-70.

Where I live in London I don’t exceed 30 on the bike, rarely get the opportunity to reach 30, when I am out on the lanes doing progressive speeds, I do 30 or less in the villages.

I wear gear when I am out in the lanes, when I am on ride-outs, when I am on the track.

If I am doing a short distance near where I live, jeans and a light jacket is enough.

Ratty, I am not sure your experience is really one that you can bring to this example…didn’t one of your offs include riding in Snow? :smiley: I mean come winter I will be wearing gear just purely on how damn cold it is.

I am off to get the bike this afternoon, will probably wear a pair of walking boots, jeans and a mesh jacket.

Oh and I agree with Jaime, for crashes in the city leathers are not really going to help, it is not the sliding that is the problem, you not going fast enough, it is the impact of hitting the floor, another car, a lampost etc etc that causes the injuries and while the padding of a leather might save a few bruises, it isn’t going to really have that much impact.

Though I do agree about boots, you can break your ankle pretty easily, so a good pair of bike boots should be an essential…though I did just say I will be wearing walking boots, but this is because I am off out to test drive a new car and can’t really do that in bike boots as I don’t drive in bike boots and it will be an abnormal experience.

For those of you who have actually flipped a stoppie will know how much it hurts…

Actually I’ve driven in my bike boots several times and it isn’t that bad. A former work colleague was over taken by a guy wearing no protective gear apart from a helmet and gloves. He was riding like a cock from what he said. A mile up the road he came across his foot still in the trainer, and then the bike and the rider in the gutter.

Personally I always wear boots.

Last year I was driving up the M1 and I was undertaken by a guy on a bike wearing trainers, jeans and a helmet (ie not even a t-shirt on top) - he must have been doing at least 90mph :crazy:

I came back that way last night, probably about 10.45. Road was closed so I had to divert through Muswell Hill, was wondering what had happened.

Am noticing more and more numpties on the road, particularly those on scooters - its the nice weather I guess