My new toy arrived today! A shiny Scala Rider G4 =D

Does it fit my lid? Nope.

Gutted for you mate! What lid do you have?

I’ve got a Shoei and it fits perfectly on mine, although mine is an older model Scala Rider. I think they are meant to fit any helmet.

Anything can be made to fit. Do you want to borrow an angle grinder? :stuck_out_tongue:

I thought they’re meant to fit any helmet but sounds like a good excuse to go get a shiny new lid :slight_smile:

use the sticky pad thingy. Thats what I used. Works perfectly. Used in all weathers and it doesnt budge.

Its a Caberg V2 407
Has an annoying ridge where the unit needs to sit.
The clamp is not big enough to go over the bump.
The bump is half on the sticky pad and half off.

I’m thinking about going for a Box lid. mostly because i’m broke…

box lids are like putting a box on your head

both in comfort and protection