Mine has gone too!!! ******* bastards need to die very slowly and painfully!!!

Thieving little toerags!

Hope the insurance claim goes ok.


sorry to hear about your p&js guys!

what is going on… :angry: alot of bikes being stolen lately??

Time to start a watch on eBay etc.

And buy a baseball bat!

another one! sorry to hear this

insurance payed out after 3 week…not to bad…! spent the money on a car for the winter ,hope to get another bike for the summer

the thing is i see at the mo is everyone is buying nce new/ish bikes and leaving em outside there house etc, if you cant get a garage or summat buy an older bike thats not as appealing.

Unfortumtely thats hiw ya got to be, and i know b4 some1 pipes up bikes get nicked from garages too btu look at the ratio between garaged stolen bikes and bikes left out.


True, if they really want it there’s nothing, absolutely nothing you can do to stop them. But the more you do, the more likely they are to decide they really want somebody else’s instead. Sounds selfish but it’s all we have.

Alarm, immobiliser, disc lock & shackle lock on mine and it’s ‘only’ an old steel-frame CBR6.

Really sorry to hear about the Bandit, get through the winter and hope to see you back next year.

Agree with you on this one - I wouldn’t have bought a the bike I have if it wasn’t garaged.That said, the thieving scum really will nick anything, even older & so-called less desirable bikes. Less likely, mebbe, but there’s still A LOT of them taken :angry: