got up this morning and my bike was gone:crying:…it went between 11.30 last night and 5.30 this morning…silver bandit 12…reg Y408 BRP…iam f*****g GUTTED


Sorry to hear this…Hope the insurance pay out goes smoothly. :frowning:

Man that sucks, what is it with all the bike thefts? I don’t think a week has gone by without hearing about someones bike being pinched.

God help any of them who get caught at it.

so sorry to hear this another phucking scum bag takes your pride and you

i though you had the 56 plate bandit

oh mate, so sorry to hear that!!

I hate all this bad news :frowning:

Hope your claim is a speedy one :wink:

Not another one?:crazy:

Hope these b’stards get whats coming to them:(

sold the 650 56 plate and got myself a 1200 about 4 weeks ago…

Oh man, sorry to hear that. I can’t believe there have been so many stolen.

yea its getting bad i wont leave my bike for more than ten minutes and at night it goes in my garage coverd up locked and chained and has an alarm that texts me when it gets set off and give me the location of it. i wont even go into a shop if i cant see my bike from the window its to dangerous out there

This is unreal, all these bikes going missing! Such b4stards. I think fitting some sort of electric fence contraption hooked up to the mains onto my bike so it fries any fecker that touches it without permission is the way forward.

Really sorry to hear that mate, good luck with your insurance company, I hope they pay out and get you back on the road quickly…

Jebus… I’m losing count of all the bikes going missing at the mo :frowning:

What area was it taken from?

i think it was taken from the milton krynes area unless he has moved or it was parked somewhere else

sorry to hear that paul.even where u r the scum r at it.that was a real nice bike too.and not having it very long makes it worse.hope u find it soon

Holy sh*t that sucks!:angry: That low life scumbag! Hope things turn out okay for you.

yes was nicked from out side my house in milton keynes

Sorry to see another bike stolen. fcuking bastards

sorry to hear this paul…

hope you get a pay out soon mate…

Been there…Fukcing bassa’s!!:angry:

Hope you get sorted soon mate

sorry to hear this mate, hope you get it back soon:w00t:

keep me eyes peeled:smooooth: