Gumtree Time Waster!!!!


A while back saw a guy braking up his GPZ so enquired, he had all the bits I was after mint condition petrol tank, new nose cone with very little marking. etc etc.

So after about 6 weeks, I manage to get down to see him in Bristol (stayed the night at a hotel). Anyway go over to see the guy cash in hand.
I turn up at the guys hows, start looking through the bits, petrol tanks is chipped and scratched. Nose has had a respray and not a very good one. So I’m like you know what mate forget it I’m not taking this as it is not how you described it.

Anyway I took a few little bits like service parts and that was it. He was more pissed than me but I felt like charging the guy the hotel stay and petrol for wasting my time!

So all in all what a waste of effort, plus my bike is now no better off, all those parts I have let go because I thought I was getting a load of gear to bring it back to her former glory!!!


Are there any second hand mINT GPZs around though?

lol apparently not.

I love mine that’s why I wanted to bring it back up to scratch… What annoys me I told him this he knew full well my intentions so he must have known deep down I was going to say shove them up your chuff

there are some mint ones around, a mate bought one not so long ago for a few hundred pounds, not a mark on it!

I would have asked for pics before making the trip. Some people can’t be arsed to send pics which is kinda of a hint that you’re potentially wasting your time. :slight_smile:


You must love the old GPZ to travel that far and stay over