Guitar players performance thread

I was waiting for Kaos to start a thread but hey-ho lets go! This thread is for those LB guitarists who want to video their playing and get feedback. Beginners to advanced, if you can play just one note, chip in!

Here’s mine from this lunchtime. Been playing since the 1980’s, I’m older, greyer and fatter now but was surprised that I can still play lead even though I haven’t picked up my Les Paul for a long while. Played through a VS100R Marshall on the lead channel. It’s sloppy but with some work I reckon I can get my chops back.



Some fancy pickin’ there son!

I have only just picked up 6 string a couple of weeks ago and am still getting used to it - not practising properly yet :hehe:


I thought about it Fireblade, it’s definitely a thread worth running.

Here is one I did just after watching you playing…just sorta gave me the push to do it.

Love this tune, definitely one of my favourites, though I did break a nail just before I started recording…ohh get me!..and it did affect the tone slightly, but I still like it.

And here is the one I posted earlier but got deleted along with the thread :smiley:

ou lads are good. i’d like to see more and judge. totally imparshal of course :cool:

no prizes for being top dog cause my opinion aint worth shait :D:P

Great stuff, guys. More please!

I would put my bass playing on here but I haven’t played for a year or gigged for four so it would just be embarrassing :hehe:

Kaos the acoustic piece is beautiful, impressive playing there pal :cool:

Not at all mate, get some stuff posted! Thanks for the nice comments so far, I’m going to get a backing track sorted this weekend and record a proper tune, thinking Gary Moore at the moment :slight_smile:

Cool stuff! My classical is in the corner gathering dust, haven’t touched it in years :frowning:
Maybe I should try and remember how to play again :stuck_out_tongue:

just remember, I’m not judgemental, just a judge :P;)

i have my tanglewood semi in eye shot now…and i can see a thin layer of dust on it:D,i would’nt have the fingers for it right now i’m sooo rusty

Great skills - Fireblade Rob, love that Gibson:)

Kaos - yours are both great, but prefer the acoustic:)

I thought you might.

I might just record some Bach for you Jets, just amazingly good on a nice nylon strung guitar.

Like the technique on both;)

This is cool… Any requests? I will do some over the weekend if I get time :slight_smile:

Im new to this home recording lark been playing years in bands but never actually recorded at home. I was wondering as using my webcam its very distorted when recording if there was a better way like a condenser mic or something, Im using a Marshall dsl 100 through a 2x12, got nothng smaller at the minute.

I have a few recordings on the laptop, but they are either very quite or too loud, or my mic on the laptop could be crap.

Help? :slight_smile:

Marshall should have a line out at the back, just get the right lead, 1/4 jack to a 3.5mm jack.

Should plug straight into your mic input and then you an adjust to suit yourself.

Using mics I always found a bit problematic outside of a studio.

I haven’t done any recording for a while but I used to use a Line 6 POD to record guitar tones and Fruityloops to reord and edit the tracks. I’ve used the line out on my Marshall but couldn’t get a decent tone. Miking amps is a pain in the arse but withdecent Schure mics it’s possible to get a decent tone. For the video I used my Nokia N8 phone it’s brilliant.

Guitar wise I had a decent jam this morning over a backing track of BB King’s The Thrill Is Gone. The fingers are starting to work again. I think I’ll have a bash at filming it tomorrow if I get the chance.

Thank you, will look into it :slight_smile:

‘Raining Blood’ - Slayer


Playing something like that reminds me how long it has been since I played proper metal, my elbow actually hurts a little after playing just the first minute.