Why do I feel guilty?

I have just reported a car to the police that has 4 bald tyres, 2 of which are down to the metal.

Is it because I have reported it, or could it be that it is a disabled vehicle?

but how guilty would you feel if this actually ran into someone and killed them because the tyres exploded or would not grip and you hadn’t reported it.You did the right thing Dawn even disabled people are not above vehcile laws.


Don’t feel guilty - you might have saved someone from future injury/death - including the driver of the vehicle.

Good on ya hun. You’ve done the same thing all of us would have done.

Why should we spend loads on keeping our vehicles legal and roadworthy just to see people like that abuse the system and possibly kill someone.

I’m proud of ya! :D:D

Don’t feel guilty - you did the absolute right thing.

Disabled or not, anyone who owns a vehicle has a responsibility to ensure that it’s up to snuff at all times.

Being a ‘disabled’ vehicle, you mean with Blue badges in or more specific like a conversion for Wheelchair access etc? If so, I would have thought proper motability vehicles (and their upkeep) are all paid for by the taxpayer somehow anyway so there’s no excuse. (At risk of offending, I’m not an expert on that, just a presumption…)

I could be wrong but if memory serve’s me the only thing that the owner is resposible for on the vehicle is actually then tyres mechaically it is the tax payer though.

It depends on what contract they have with Motability…if its through them.

It wasn’t a wheelchair tho’ was it? That would be a bit harsh.

But being serious, you did the right thing, you should be guilt free.

OK, the owner of the vehicle is a blue badge holder, that’s it, and do not know what his disability is, it is not obvious.

Thank you for all your support on this

Also the owner might not be disabled, it might be a relative who does the driving.

At the end of the day it is your vehicle, be it bike, car, van, or truck you have a responsibility to make sure that it is road worthy.

You should feel no guilt what so ever.

You feel guilty because you grassed on someone and according to the playground code of conduct that is wrong, however, we are no longer in the plaground so it’s ok.

Anyway guilt goes away after a while so just try not to think about it.

True story - this afternoon was sat in a pub beer garden next to the car park…flash Merc pulls up and reverses into disabled car space - cue loads of outrage and pisstaking and “look at that t*at” comments from all and sundry…bloke gets out and turns out he only has one arm (hope he wasn’t an ex biker).

General consensus was we are all going to hell…especially the girl who then commented “suppose you’ve got to have some fringe benefits”.

(apologies to any one armed bikers (Johnse?) - or anyone who finds the above offensive)

regardless of who owns your vehicle it is the drivers responsibility to maintain it in a road worthy condition. You did the right thing, no need to feel guilty at all.