Guess who ?

New Host takes role too serious

Think this one was taken at the Brazen

So come on any Idea’s ?

terry what are ya on about?

Mmmmmmmmmm Female, Ginger hair, New Host??

Twins possibly?

ginger pixieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

what about ginger?!

Terry you must fancy Pixie a hell of alot as she always seems to be on your mind. And seeing that you put up a front saying nasty things about her really means you fancy her but can`t admit it.

John - You are SO very right. I keep telling him to leave me alone but, nope, he’s always around pretending not to like me, hiding his affections…

Can’t be me anyway - her boobs are too big.

Ive only got one thing to say…

Seperated at Birth!!! Ever thought of becoming a professional lookalike GP???

Its got to be reverse physcology???

If thats the case - I seem to remember GP starting all this off with pics of Terry etc - so what does that say

i think love is in the air

Your problem is you think to much

He thought that chap weren’t turning right, but he thought wrong!

Sorry Tuglas


i think maybe tugs geting a little jelouse!!!hehehe

ops me spelling!!!

haha quality!!

Terry has a sirup on but you can see it`s him and Pixie.

out of order…:.kin twinkle toes.


was only a joke

You know i luv ya mate

wuv is in the air.iknow