GUESS WHO................

Which L.ber is this?


Smiled? or PJ?

I would have said PJ as well, but the arms don’t seem to be pumped enough (although the pose is the same).

Kaos? Pyro? :wink:

to slim for them two lol :PIts deffo PJ 100%:wink:

dont know who but it looks cold at yours:)

I know cos I took the pic :smiley: So funny, gotta have guts to turn up in that :stuck_out_tongue:

Alex G?

Looks like PJ’s moobs, he likes getting them out in pubic

Where is westie when you need him eh?

He’s probably tending to his radish :stuck_out_tongue:

PJ - those thighs give it away:D

Nah! Really? :wink:

Alex Gold I reckon :smiley:

Was it a cold night? :smiley: … and PJ was my guess :hehe:

:wink: :stuck_out_tongue: Im supprised he isnt here figuring it out :stuck_out_tongue:

I think this person should dress like this again… was just too comical for one night!

So true…i dare anyone to stand there and keep a straight face…every time he / she danced i was close to tears of laughter!:smiley: