guess who i saw

Was driving through London saw a lovely white not sure if it was speed tripe or street triple so caught it up and lo and behold its James may driving it.

Never mind, we all have our sh*te days.

My nadir was sitting outside, enjoying life in the sun, in Whitstable a few years back only to have Tracy Emmin and entourage join me at the table.

Didn’t even ask if I minded.

I saw Nicholas Parsons today, he wasn’t riding a bike tho’

LOL, :hehe:

Nice one. My favourite “famous person” moment was meeting Joanna Lumley in Sainsburys in Vauxhall a few years back, and chatting with her for a long time about the Himalayas. Scariest was almost getting run over by Martin Clunes near Trafalgar Square :crazy:


i see Damien Lewis once on the way to BM at almost every set of ligghts on his pushbike, see Geri Haliwell at bikers in paradise last week…

Did you merit a name check in her tent ? :wink:

Not too observant on celebs myself, normally amounts to me looking blank as someone asks me “do you know who that was ?” after they’ve gone. Mind you, these days that’s usually followed by even more blank looks on my part after they’ve told me who it was…

Nope to the tent, thank’s be to whatever.

Also reminded that I was walking down the steps in a South London town hall and saw this rather attractive lady walking up that looked familiar. Being a polite chap (most of the time ) I smiled and said “hello” on the way past.

Not till I walked past the cameras did I work out I’d just walked through a film set and said “hello” to Joanna Lumley.

Often wondered whether they kept that in or had to start again.

I once met Peter Wyngarde (a.k.a.) Jason King in a gym in Kensington. . .

And you let him live?


You’re kidding? Captain Slow rides a Trip?

Bleurgh… don’t want one no more :stuck_out_tongue:

O but the bike does look lovely

She still goes there mate, saw her in there a couple of weeks ago.

Who is James May?

Jeremy Clarkson’s b1tch.

Used to see the odd celeb when I worked in the West End, always along Marylebone High Road.
Noel Gallagher, Jonathan Ross, Paul Weller, Wendy Richard (Pauliiine from Eastenders, she was as sour faced in real life as she was on the TV)

Thanks Sid. Not having a TV doesn’t often prove to be disadvantageous to life, and I can see that we’re not really missing much here:)

Sorry - that was a crude description. Sidekick would be a bit more of a polite way of putting it.

Well he has a few bikes then, he came in to scooter world a couple of weeks back to buy a new tax disc holder, he was wearing and open face helmet so I thought, let me have a peek at what he’s riding, out he goes and jumps on to an 08 black blade :w00t:

Phil Tufnell’s daughter goes to the school my wife teaches at and he was on our table at a fundraising event. He was a hoot, just like he is on Question of Sport.

I work in Covent Garden and we used to keep a list of famous people who had seen us…