guess where ive been today

what up my N words.

first person to guess wins, er… nothing


still no takers??


Isle of Man?

this month??!!

nope good guess tho

Some sort of Hill Climbing event?

Practice for Ireland?

close, but wrong


it was on today… not goodwood

I give up, I’m going to get in the shower lol

still no one?


The 200…In Ireland…?

almost. the cookstown 100 and it was awesome

any of you lot been to see some propper road racing in ireland?

Ireland is on my list TT in a few more weeks though

could one of you moderators move this topic to pictures and video… ta

Brilliant photos mate, would love to have seen it for myself! Thanks for sharing!

I knew it was somewhere in Ireland, the bike sponsored by “Bathroom Centre Monaghan” was a bit of a giveaway! And also the newly re-edged roads, there’s a lot of improvements happening over there what with EU grants and such.

Great pics.

thanks all, i’m glad you liked the pics, heres a link to some video i shot

Was it outside Tesco.