Guess what!!

Knew it wouldn’t be long:)

haha your both as bad as each other! :smiley:

Better colour than yours Mo

Nice… perfect colour! :wink:

:w00t: must admit it does look nice in that blue:);):cool:

Time for a change Mo?:slight_smile:

It’s about time mo bought a red pan

not seen rikster in ages but good to see he never got another pan euro thingy:D

I blame the Belguim choccy run for this, i was content on my old mans bike, but then i hadnt been on a rideout in ages :w00t::w00t::wink:
Was gonna keep this a quite as poss, for as long as poss. Bit silly going round Mos then :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

It was the smell of Jills baking that drew me in :slight_smile:

not as fast as the black ons tho a.:smiley:

Just so happens i know where there is one for sale :slight_smile:

True :cool:


mmmmm let me see…:wink: