Guess what my two hobbies are

It’s hard work doing them at the same time.

Oh heck, I cannot post the picture.  How do I attach a picture that is a .jpg and 25Mb in here please? 


you don’t. resize it.

25mb must mean a really high definition porn image…

Samwise and Bilbo?

Think I’ve got it…


Take a guess at the location too


Parc Moto

I can’t be the only one mildly impressed by how far you can get your leg up in leathers, surely???

Fisting and the can can?

Come on!

No one guessed it’s clearly dancing! Fancies himself a bit of a Kevin bacon…

Tone successfully lowered. I’m surprised it took that long :grinning:

I thought I’d already lowered it on the 3rd reply :smiley:

I thought that the mention of the word porn is almost obligatory in most LB replies?

HT’s just taken it to the next level. :grin:

Gymnastics and scowling?

Cat sitting and sleeping?

One of them

You mean cat sitting and not sleeping, surely?

[quote] Cat sitting and sleeping? --- Kevsta [/quote]

You mean cat sitting and not sleeping, surely?