Guess what happened today...

Well done Choccie!

Congrats Choccie

well done.

I have to say, I actually enjoyed the ride! Even ended up on the A3, got up to 70, did a bit of overtaking, lovely little blast. Had to remind myself NOT to just enjoy it but that the bloke was in the car behind me and that if I f*cked up between then and getting back I could still fail.

Soon as I got home I insured it, taxed it and did another 40 miles all told. Even out last night in the rain for a celebratory pie! Hope you lot at Flatout’s party had an extra drink for me.

R6Deano, just get lots and lots and lots of practice in on those u-turns, it’ll be no problem when you come to doing them at your test as you will have them nailed by then.

And only one minor for supposedly wobbling on the way out of the test centre, though my instructor watched me and said he didn’t see a problem at all, that the examiner probably wanted to pop in a ‘token’ minor so I wouldn’t be too c0cky!

Off out to play again now!


See you at a meet some time soon.

Well done CM

Congrats CM, well pleased for ya !!

bluddy well done luv!!!

proud of you !!!

see you out on the bike soon mate!!!


You would have seen me today, if you’d been in the area. Only managed a paltry 65 miles, but I had only intended doing 15 and got kinda carried away…

And it’s good my bike isn’t aerodynamically tweaked or I’d go really fast more often. Even at 70 on the motorway it was a bit tough keeping hold of the bloody thing, with the wind pushing hard against my chest. Imagine going down the motorway sitting in your favourite armchair while it’s strapped on top of an engine - well that’s a Virago for you! But then again, it IS a “cruiser”, not a speed machine and it’s very pretty… LOVE the poke you get when accelerating though, it’s waaaay different from the commuter bikes I was riding during the DAS.

Off to Box Hill tomorrow probably, but can’t stay out playing for long, too much other stuff gets in the way. And I really ought to clean it up a bit, that chrome’s in need of the gentle touch of Autosol!

Congrats on the pass


well done miss muffin…aint life grand