Guess the part ...

Sooo who has a bike that has a reg/rec that looks like this ??? I found it in my garage rumaging and I aint sure what it’s for . Its looks brand new and like its never been on a bike . It has no numbers or anything on it … The prize is … ummm … an empty jelly bean wrapper and a half empty roll of lecctricle tape :slight_smile:

1 it’s a honda part

it could be off anything from a goldwing to a cbr1000 :wink:

my bet’s either a vfr750 or a goldwing

Its not stamped with honda … Sooo maybe its a better than honda replacment :slight_smile:

CBR125 ?

it’s honda wiring colours

looks the same martin…like alot of manufacturers the part will be used on many models throughout the range

GP wins then … You may collect your prize or roll it over for the next time :smiley:

Right who has a honda with a popped reg/rec and wants to buy it … There must be someone , I keep hearing they aint very good :slight_smile:

hornet i think, if it is i might have it

That connector looks like the same one that Ninjajunkie is having problems with on his Hornet -

Flog it to him! :slight_smile:


did you not recently sell a fireblade num num ?

I did but it was an old 1996 … I also had a 2002 929 but I dont ever remember replacing a reg/rec on that or the other one . I also had an X11 and various other Hondas … Uncountable amount of bikes I have owned over the years … Its new in its bag this one . Not a scratch on the connectors so it cant have ever been plugged into anything .

Next up will be the Remus cans I have found in a box that I cant remeber what they were for . A matched pair slightly tatty slip on type :smiley:

might take the cans if they’ll fit a blackbird :wink:

Beautiful reg/rect - the heat disipating fins are a particularly nice touch.

Unlike the crude tab of metal masquearading as a reg/rect on my Hornet . . .

Now I had the X11 naked blackbird … I have them narrowed down to that or Yamaha xtx or KTM 625 . They aint aprillia cos they had scorpions and the FMX had the full arrow system that I sold last month .

60 quids seems the going rate on ebay for brand new in packet , Sensible offer accepted as it is brand new and comes with what looks like the plugs you need too :slight_smile:

the fact you mentioned x11 made me think straight away hmmm i wonder if they are :rolleyes: …do they have any link pipes? also most remus cans have a fixed hanging bracket does yours or is it the strap type hanger.internal diameter of the pipe please :smiley:

And thats one of the cans … 45mm is the size of the fittment end and there is 2 of them . No link pipes that I can see … however that dont mean there is none , perhaps I aint loked hard enuff :hehe:

Thanks Numnum - will definitely consider :slight_smile: