gsxr750k4 power outputs?

just had a power run done to my bike at Steve Jordans out near boxhill, and was wondering what sort of bhp anyone else was getting out of the same model bike?

mine is fitted with a titanium akraprovic can and it dynod at 120.82bhp

it was running very rich so its going back on tuesday for a remap, which should squeeze out a couple more horsepower.

so for comparison post up your results?

ask Adam M, He has the same bike as you and had it dyno’d with mine a couple of weeks ago.

For the record, my K4 thou puts down 146 or156 at the wheel, I forgot , not that I can use it

Adams figures are here

I had my K4 750 dyno’d twice, on different machines, but both were the latest Dynojet 250i machines. The first run was to map the power-commander and produced 137bhp at the rear-wheel, and the second was 134bhp a few months later. It had a stage-one tune, i.e. BMC race air filter, fully synthetic oil, power commander (custom map) and Akrapovic carbon exhaust. Additionally it was also running a 520 pitch chain and Supercorsa tyres. The second time it was just to check everything was still running well, and so it was, though it was down on power by 3bhp, but there’s always give between dyno’s, even corrected ones.

The engine was run in hard, but maintained more often than the service book required.

Pictures of first tuning session:

Second session:

132 bhp on my k5 750 at PDQ. It is the same engine as the k4 though.
spec is Yoshi tri oval can, BMC filter, 520 chain and power commander. The custom made map only marginally improved the power about 1 to 2 HP through the rev range but more importantly cleaned up the power delivery when the throttle was opened, getting rid of most of the jerkiness. As Jay says the dynos do vary, but you should still be looking nearer the 130 mark Surprised yours was only showing 120 BHP, it didnt feel underpowered when i rode it.

Dude mine was running rich befor remap to, only 116 at the hoop after remap its 129…

the chain is fooked though and its on std filter untill service when it will have bmc and another remap.

all bikes can benefit from remap, even brand new ones.

With euro 3 regs now in force new bikes with older motors are suffering (GSR600/FZ1)

Bikes with totaly new lumps seem ok.

Remap is worth every peeny, i would never now fit race can without booking a dyno run.

BTW what are the benefits of a 520 chain?

Waslso wondering if anyone had fitted TRE to there 750 and if so how differnt is it?

Lovely bike mate… very clean