Hi chaps,

Only 18months have past since my last theft in London E14 and now it’s happened again. It was in a supposedly secure underground car park under my flat development on the isle of dogs, two kids on a moped came in at 6pm on Friday 25th May and left 10 minutes later pushing my motobike out of the main door with the moped. I am sure they are very local as they didn’t start my bike just pushed it out. My bike is distinguishable by it’s chrome GSXR stickers and a nice Yoshi pipe.

BLACK 57 plate GSXR600 K7 (REG starts with VM07 CFE)

You can see pics here:…type=3&theater

And a video of them nicking it here:…71797462&saved

If anyone spots it please PM me.


cannot see the links even though logged in facebook…maybe check your privacy settings or link them up to a open group

****, seeing all these thefts is making me think twice about buying a bike as I live on Millenium Drive and have no garage or underground parking. Just a slot outside my flat.

I’d love to catch these **** bags in the act!! Follow them to wherever they stash all this stuff then call in the heavy gang :slight_smile:

still the same…
The page you requested was not found.

The links have … in them, which generally means they’re wrong, copied from a forum that shows just the shortened code perhaps?

How do you have video of it being nicked? CCTV?

Really sorry to hear this! Will keep an eye out

I wonder if its the same 2 who tried to steal my bike twice in the last few weeks, from an underground car park in E14.

I can’t access your links on facebook, but if you can get them working i’ll be able to tell. If it is the same two, it may be worth linking the two cases together, never know, might help.

Upload it to youtube and send us the link…

Underground car parks are renowned for motorcycle thefts. They are easy targets as people think you need a key fob or code to get in so don’t utilise the security you would if your bike was on the street. It’s not difficult to follow a vehicle in or gain access from the block itself.

Always lock your bike to a solid object if possible even in a ‘secure’ underground car park. If you can’t still whack a disc lock or chain on the wheel so they can’t just wheel it out.

Sorry about your bike. I’ll keep my eye out.

my bike nicked from my underground car park in E16. 3 white lads in a white renault Traffic - nicked a 12k bike from the block opposite the day before.

Fuckin pisses me off mate, had my bike stolen but luckily recovered a day later thanks to another bike in the same van that had a tracker, two people got nicked for it