GSXR1000 vs CB1300 Green Light Grand Prix

Green light Grand Prix… One 2 up CB1300 vs a new GSXR1000…

Big shout out to unknown GSXR1000 rider who incidentally I mercilessly thrashed up to 70 (honestly occifer cough b0ll0cks) off the line and then let him catch up and he popped it on the back wheel never had such a laugh on a straight road setting off from 4 sets of lights…

My pillion wondered what was about to happen when I braced their arms around my waist at the first set of lights just before they changed

Off course I am not advocating any kind of racing, pace making or time keeping on the road

always nice to have a little fun now and then

I love doing this sort of thing, problem is I go from one mad moment to the next. Must see a counsellor about my speed addiction. That, coupled with my poor sense of direction (But, only in London) is not good.