A man walks into his local suzuki dealer and buys a brand new GSXR750 half an hour he returns back to the shop, complaining that he could only get it up to 94 down the road he lives on the sales man all suprised said ok whats the problem the bloke says well i live 142


Flatster you have lost me on this one- or am I being particularly thick?

dont get it :frowning:

Hehehe… like it.

Come on guys. Can only get it up to 94 but lives at 142…

yeah thats about, it not alot to it…

Sorry mate your jokes are normally miles better than that (sorry pun not intended)

Yep that joke was bland Flat

jus like suzukis

I saw you banananana at the Ace today I should… but I wont

Bland my ass


im only messin dude variety is the spice of life… besides it wern’t mine working this weekend, so mine has remaind chained to the wall…

awww poor wall what did it do to deserve such punishment lol