gsxr wont start

ok its been left to rot, now when trying to start it, it keeps back firing but nearly starts then backfires again anyone any ideas

with a bit of luck mix of old plugs and **** fuel thats gone off, try quick fix first replace or clean plugs, drain fuel out of tank etc and remove drain plugs from bottom of carbs to let old fuel out and replace, put new fuel in, connect to larger (car) battery that is fully charged and good luck

backfiring can be a sign that its flooded, or that the fuel cannot be ignited in the engine, the bang is the fuel igniting outside of the engine

As outoftowner says, old fuel wont run engines, it goes off after 3-6 months, however, what knackered fuel that was left may well have gummed up in your carbs . . . . so a good spraying through with carb cleaner may be your best idea

thanks again guys, ill try it tommorow, falling that anyone want to buy it? had enough

Sounds tempting, but no thanks

It’s just being touchy 'cause it’s cold and wet and horrid.

Ok, mebbe it’s Donald Ducked.

its all good now thanks people… (still time to get rid)