gsxr trackday at brands 7th april

right whos up for brands gsxr day with special guest instructers :w00t:

Need more details Paul :rolleyes: :slight_smile:

Who’s this with and which configuration (not that that matters to me :blush: ) :smiley:

Look on the Focused Events web site. :slight_smile:

yeah all right then…

may see you there…:stuck_out_tongue:

I was thinking of booking it to spread a bit of orange lurve.

Then I noticed it’s a 4 group day. :frowning:

I’ve booked.

Apparently I have to prove I own / owned a Suckzuki (I’ll take the reg document for the GSXR) and … they’ll put a Suckzuki sticker on the happy shopper.

booked :smiley:

My bezzy mate Frogga has done the dam right unbeleivable…

he’s only paid for me to do this track day…OMG!!!:w00t:…

mate…im speechless…

cant wait to do this day…

come on peeps…lets get some of you lot down there to cheer us along!!!:D.



Booked. :smiley:

very cool Smiled - be good to see you there!

beginning to look like an lb track day…be good to see you mark …:smiley:

we’re going to have to do the usual and commandeer a pit garage for ourselves…:D…i’m gonna get there early and grab my free cuppa and bacon sarnie…;)…so i’ll try and grab the LB banner off jay and stick it up:).

i’ll be bringing a munch to share so eveyones welcome:).


be good to see wat the track is like after the resurfacing. its gona be a hoot. they`ve also got a seperate group for none gixers.

Shame about that - I always enjoy having blast 'round with Mark.

(And he’s miles quicker than me in the wet - I was hoping to learn from him.)

The only day its due to rain this week is Weds…YOU AVIN A PHUCKIN LAUGH!!!:crazy:smiled:).

No it’s not, check met check its going to be sunny! :smiley:

cheers angie-pants…:D.

metcheck says cloudy…bbc says rain…just have to guage it on the day i suppose…


It’s only water :slight_smile:

It makes things so wet though!