GSXR top box

This website is amazing, has top box for the GSXR models and nice confy seats for hayabusas:

Smuggler™ Trunk: Another original Corbin idea! Simply remove the rear seat and replace it with the Smuggler trunk to instantly add convenient, locking storage. For best looks, Smuggler comes prepainted to coordinate with your factory paint. We’ve built the Smuggler to fit perfectly to the lines of the GSXR to create an integrated, factory look. Slick details pick up the details of the bike and lend a bit more flair. Both the Smuggler trunk and passenger seat includes brackets preinstalled so they’re ready for immediate installation.

I’m loving the Corbin Furniture:D:D:D

I started to consider the possibility of thinking about getting one of those for my SV until I saw the price: $799! :crazy:

Didn’t realise how much they were… bloody hell. I am sure it is cheaper to make than that. They do look cool.



What could you fit in that tiny space that wouldn’t fit in your pockets ???
I know where i’d put my phone for $700 +! :smiley:

Erm, hate to point this out, but if you want comfort and storage on your bike, then maybe you wouldn’t be riding a GSXR?

A nice comfy scooter, a cardigan, and a cup of tea; that’s what you need :slight_smile:


If someone makes one for, say, £200, I’ll buy it! :smiley:

Exactly !! I mean seriously, how much could you fit in it?
I’ll buy one of those and throw away my cavernous rucksack eh? :ermm:
Why oh why???

Hmmmm… I do like cups of tea… :slight_smile:

Any time, mate. Always carry a flask, next to my pipe rack, in the underseat storage. And there’s a coffee machine in my topbox, don’t you know. They don’t let them leave the factory in Italy without one :slight_smile:

I think you would fit a lot more then you think since it opens up the space inside your rear seat. It doesn’t look that bad plus for a long journey it would be brilliant. Right now the spave is very limited as the cowling gets smaller and smaller. You could also fit a rain overalls.

I think it is great but it is just too much money.

Corbin are well-known for their high quality but very high prices. Anyone after a decent aftermarket seat would be better off going to Lee…

Precisely. If it doesn’t fit in my Kriega or my pockets, I’ll take a different mode of transport. I won’t even put a tankbag on my gixxer.

Corbin seats are great but definitely swerving their ideas on luggage.

Ebay often pops up some cheapies.

Er NO thats just wrong on so many different levels!!

I have a GSXR and will NOT be getting one of these!! :D:D

You can put that amount of stuff in a Rucksack…

I keep seeing a balck (matt?) GSXR blasting through central london with a HUUUUUGE top box fitted… Its obviousl more than your avarege courier though as he has spent a fair packet on the carban cans too…

Did i forget to mention that he has removed the muguard/ tail tidy totally and bolted the numberplate to his top box! :smiley:

Me too Chunks, I so want a pair of these babys in my living room!! :w00t:



Benelli Boy (28/11/2008)

being italian, shouldn’t it be an espresso machine? :wink: