GSXR racing a Evo

Some good video ??

There was a longer version of this clip doing the rounds last year and I know the roads he’s riding on as I used to live in that neck of the woods. They are great roads it has to be said!

However, lots of people complained to the police about the video because the numberplate of the Evo was shown and it was felt the Police should follow up on it and prosecute him for dangerous driving, etc… In addition to this the biker has a bad reputation (away from bikes this is) around the area the film is recorded in and many people who saw the video reported the riders details to the Police and from what I know from speaking to my family who still live in the area (in fact, my brothers know people who know the rider) the rider has been arrested. In addition to this his bike went up for sale on eBay when the preverbial you know what hit the fan!

Ghost Rider wannabe’s. Stuff like that is best saved for the track.

Seen the movie before and while some of it is good to watch some is bloody silly!

The buring of a speed camera, why? They will replace it everytime and if you have any smarts you would have put a lined film cover off the camer part so to blank out the photo (not saying do this but a lot smarted than burning the thing IMO). Overtaking someone with a car coming and putting them at risk? THICK!!! Undertaking a car and many other things. Not very smart IMO.

My main problem with the movie is the risks taken are with others lives and not only his own. If the roads were all empty then I’d not have a problem but when other peoples lives are put at risk then it is bloody silly.


Ghost Rider wannabees like Jay said, but Ghost Rider plans so far ahead before making a movie to eliminate as many potential hazards as possible.

Stupid I agree but I have to admit it’s very addictive viewing!

how can police prove it was him on bike??? he could say, wasnt me, prove it,

It’s up to the owner to prove it wasn’t him, I believe.

na, i thought it be up to the police to prove it was him, thats there job, if they never caught him on bike, it would be difficult id imagine…

Innocent till proven guilty is it not? I agree he was riding like a twat

The owner is responsible for the bike. Unless he has reported it stolen then the police can, and probably will, assume it was him riding it or expect him to tell them who was riding it.

Same goes for a car going through a speed camera. If it’s your car and you haven’t reported it stolen and unless someone else admits to driving it, you get the penalty.

Been there, got the penalty points…

The vid is fun to watch, but I agree with other sentiments that he takes too many risks with other peoples lives. Irresponsible.

Good video

But reali dangerous too

car is differant ya can be seen, i was in trouble over bike years ago when i was younger, police sent me summons, i denyied it was me on bike, they never stopped me on it, told them id sold the bike, but it was still regester in my name, bloke never sent off change of ownership, ive been getting stung with fines and all i said to copper, and got away with it…was lucky, he said it was up to me to change ownership, i acted thick and said, really, jesus i never knew that, the bloke that i sold it to told me hed send off so i gave him log book, it was my first bike, i hadnt a clue… got away with it,