GSXR K5 Exhaust CAN & bits

Help needed from all you new GSXR1000 K5 owners, where can i get some parts from, like nice exhaust cans, tail tidy’s and any other bits. as ive just put a deposit down on a new k5. and get it delivered next week hopefully.

Got any details / pictures and e-mail address’s & prices ect

Cheers all in advanced.

Hey there fella. Congratulations on your choice of a new bike! You won’t be dissapointed. Check out the following as a starter:

R&G numberplate hanger:

R&G Crash bungs + fork protectors:

eBay K5 search:

Racefit exhausts:

Many other bits:

Didn’t realise your race fit can was £495 Looks wicked though.

Dont tell me you’ve px’d the HM Plant Fireblade???

Wheely your not at it again surely, how many bikes have you got through now this year already

Hi you lot (yellow & tws636) No, not part/ex in the blade, might just keep that as well in the garage or might sell private not sure yet, but not selling it for the moment anyway,

I have put a deposit down on a new K5 (in blue & white) and hopefully it will be here next week.

The Blade is the only bike ive had this year, i must be slipping

This is just a deliberate attempt at makin me jealous mate! Two of the best thou’s in your garage! Lucky bloke! Bet Mischiefs tempted by that HM PLANTER???

Straight swop??

Hi Yellow,

im stuck between the HM PLANT Honda which i really love, and the new K5 1000 which all the Mag write up are singing its praise’s, so just fancy having a go with it, trouble is its got a lot to do to keep up with all the things the Blade will do just as easy, if that makes sence ?

In other words the blade is a cracking bike…a bit of ZX10R & R1 and a bit of the old K4 all put into the Honda build quality. what am i saying i’m going to talk my self out of it in a minute.

shut up terry…

Thre is a way round it give the keys of the HM pland Hodna to SM

Well i could, and she’s more than welcome to use it, but i just think it might be to much for her… but i could be wrong, i might let her have ago and see.

To be honest she had a lovely GSXR600 K2 and she thought that was to big ? and intimidating so I sold it, and thought a Honda 600RR or a 600F would be better & more user freindly.

what do you think

Straight swop mate! One nice GSXR600K4. Full Yoshi. Power Cmder and K&N… haha

You will love the K5 Wheely-Pig! I assure you, it’s a completely enthralling and involving bike, it’ll take your breath away when you go through the bonding process. As you start to explore the performance, the character of the bike will come through (aggressive wild animal, or a plesant work-horse, depending on your right-hand). The build quality is vastly improved over previous models as well, though that’s not to say it’s perfect, but then no bike is.

Everybody I know who has one says that they are a very easy bike to ride, in fact probably easier than the early K 600’s. In fact just sitting on my mates at work it seems lower than my C1 and even lighter and I am only 5ft 4.

The K5 1000 sounds like a nice exciting bike, can’t wait now…delivery should be next thursday.

i’ll let you now what i think !!! but its got a lot to live up to, now i’m looking at some goodies for it.

Who’s got a K5 at work??? I havent seen one

Stu I was referrinng to the Hodna for SM to ride not the K5

Ah thats where you lost me Tel…Honda