GSXR K5 Cutting out


I recently bought a k5 1000. I don’t know too much about engines and am hoping for a little advice. The engine cuts out now and again as i change down the gears. It cuts out sometimes when it’s idling too. I thought maybe the tickover is set too low but i’m not sure.

Any ideas?

Many thanks.

What is it idleing at then when the engine is warm?

Has the bike been knocked over or crashed before?

When was the last service done?

Does it cut out when the engine is cold or warm?

A few more details might help people with a diagnosis.

Oh and welcome to LB:w00t:

Ah ha.

It cuts out when cold and warm, both idling and changing down, but not all the time.

It’s not been crashed and hasn’t been on its side in the last two months at least.

The last service was about 5 weeks ago.

Thanks for your help!:smiley:

probably Japanese electrics :smiley:

has it got a side stand switch, just though you say changing down gears your not catching the stand or summat.
my old dr used to do it if you hit a bump, lol

My Fazer 600 used to cut out as vibrations would somehow turn the key towards the off position…and I had it from new…

A mates K4 1000 had the same promblem only last month, he did not ride during the winter at least not that one, he would start it up once aweek warm it up and turn it off. At the service the mech said that is not the thing to do, he should always ride it to warm it up this would keep the plugs clean, plugs changed during the service-no more problem.

Thanks very much. I’ll change the plugs and see how she blows.