GSXR K4 Switched Live/Ignition Live.

I’m fitting a Hardwired USB port to my bike so i can keep my GoPro charged whilst out on Rides.

I want it on a Switched Live so that it isn’t drawing power all the time. What wire can i connect in too to get a Ignition Live?

I’m being a bit lazy here as i haven’t had a look on the Bike yet, I have a PC3 on the Bike, I presume this is on a Switched live, can i just scotch lock onto the live feed for this or is there an easier way?

Mine is hooked up to my brake light circuit.

Mines set up similar to this except it just feeds two accessories 1) SatNav via a 5v regulator 2) Standard 12v socket

I’ve spliced the blue wire into the loom at the headlamp and it takes its feed off the front side light, switching on/off with the ignition. However Scorch has the better better idea in hooking it up to the brake light. The idea being if mine blows a fuse I lose the side lights, including the rear light. With Scorch’s set up if he blows a fuse he just loses his brake light.

Why not just have a cigarette socket charger that you get for bikes running from battery then charge go pro from that is very simple and easy