GSXR 750 Stolen from the O2 - Greenwich


My 08 GSXR 750 was stolen from the O2 while I was there for dinner. It’s a black bike with a scuff on the left engine case, otherwise in good nick, with a black arrow exhaust. Plate is FM08 AYO. I’ll post some pictures in the morning


That is shitty.  Rule of thumb from now on do not take a bike to Greenwich/Canary wharf area.

That really sucks. Hopefully you get it back!

It’s getting worse, you can’t leave a bike anywhere now!
Sorry to hear, I know how you feel.

Shit , maybe spam O2’s social media with this.
It probably won’t help but it might get them to up their so called security cause it’s bad press for them if you can’t leave a vehicle safely while visiting the site.

that sucks mate, hope you get it back.

Very sorry to hear about your bike Citizen Lambda. Decades of bad governance are coming to fruition in many ways in this country.

Somewhat off topic but there are construction projects all over the city, housing and offices yet no money to fund a police service. Is the plan to move the criminal element on through gentrification?

Must be shitloads of cctv

Must be shitloads of cctv yourebarred
But that doesn't mean shit if there is no motivation to pursue the criminals, reckon most of the 50 bikes a week stolen in Greenwich are from the o2 area.