gsxr 750 k5

Hi I am thinking about buying a gsxr 750 k5 but a friend has told me that there have been problems with the frame structure of the k5 can any one shed any light.

Hi Good JobIIRC it was the 750 and 1000 K5 that was reputed to have the frame problem. Wasn’t it something to do with a hole drilled in the frame for the horn or something?:w00t:

The greatest problem is that there is a high coeficient of drag with the yellow and black pigment in the paint. Hence… Blue n White ones are faster;):smiley:

never heard of that ! mines a blue and white one i’m sure some others will post up here soon to give you the low down on them.

I think you have to either stunt the bike or crash it to make it happen. i’t won’t crack during normal use (hopefully):slight_smile:

Frame problem? Whoever told you that doesn’t know what they’re talking about! It’s a truely great bike and has no issues other than that you may find your loved-ones at home become distant, you spend a lot of money on fuel and trackdays and you’ll get to know your local Traffic officers more personally.

It’s not something that will show up under normal riding conditions and it wouldn’t stop me buying one but it has happened.

It don’t just crack, you have to break it;)

I have read about that and the K5s but like Chunky says, as long as the bike hasn’t been involved in an accident, it’s still a good choice.

Maybe get a professional to inspect the bike before purchase.

I think the way bike’s frames are being manufactured to be as light as possible, we’ll be seeing this kind of thing happen on other makes and models.