GSXR 600 K6

Borrowing a demo from work (never ridden the K6) when the fuel light starts flashing slowly (obviously reserve) but does it get faster/stay on when its nearly out???

No the bike just stops when theres none left…

yeah thanks for that!!

he he he didnt you put your hand in the till before you went take a score and get yourself lunch too

filled up in the workshop - but had to go the long way home!!!

Not sure of the flashing light but you should get at least 30 miles out of reserve but don`t push your luck and end up pushing the bike

normally flashes then stays on when ya have 1 litre left

Ya, Corona is right, it goes solid when you have a few miles left. I’ve never let it go this far though, furthest I’ve been is 40 miles into reserve.

I’ve taken mine to the solid yellow light - and lived to tell the tale…

Gonna have to change ya username now Ness, which is shame as you was startin to suit Riz

And I got a little high in the process…

yea…still the riz…but rizlak6…got a ring to it dont you think?