GSXR 600 K6 Stolen from Aldgate E1 - M111 NHL

Hi All,

Bike was stolen today from a bike bay just near Aldgate East train station. DIsc lock was cut with an angle grinder. 2 bikes were taken today!

Offering £1,000 cash for bike returned in one piece. No questions asked.

Hope you get a lead to get it back.

the supposed police crack down having no effect then…hope its found but wouldn’t hold my breath.

Which bay, Old Castle Street? In broad daylight?

Yep old castle street. From the hours of 9am-3pm

2 bikes were taken

Says a lot about how worried scrotes are about the police if they’re willing to take an angle grinder to a lock outside a coffee shop in the middle of the day.
Also worrying for the rest of us, if they are willing to spin through a lock in an overlooked bay then there’s not much you can do to stop them.

Best of luck getting it back.

FFS, It doesn’t get any more overlooked than that! :frowning:

There must of been hoards of people walking past when it happened, not counting the people supping coffee by the window!


Unbelievable! What’s next? Scrotes waiting by your bike and “asking” to handle the keys?

Hope you’ll get your bike back

Its happened. Two alleviated of their bikes recently. One at knife point and one, even worse, at gunpoint.

Dark dark days.

they can try to take my bike at gunpoint Im sure the good old US of A marines in my carpark wont mind abit of target practice

Unfortunately, they’d probably call in an airstrike and take out the entire block too :-/

Bang2Rights - do you know where and when was that?

Both events appeared on my FB, associated with one of the communities operating in the London area. I’ll look back and see if I can see the posts.

Happened in South London to a white R1.

I dont have much hope about getting it back. Also not worth claming on the insurance loosing my NCB and increasing my premium for a bike that was bought pretty cheap!


oh yeah I remember the white R1, guy went to meet the buyer and got robbed.

J.silvs, still worth a try, post it on FB stolen motorcycle groups, you never know it might be found somewhere.

Yep been doing it all day. Have had 554 shares on Facebook… I am keeping the faith lol!

Nothing else to do at work anyway

This one is quite large with 15k members. I’d say put all the details of the bike in the picture together with contact info as well as text in description.

My bike has been found!!!

Currently in Charlton depot. Need to figure out a way to get it out

They reckon just the steering lock and barrel is broken. Was being ridden on fake plates!

Got to bloody pay a storage charge tho. Rip offs

great news J.silvs … u found ur baby!!! that’s the most important thing :wink:

Some good news at last, happy for you.