gsxr 1000 or 750

Been looking at the 750 & 1000 K7, Decided today to go for most likely the 1000 k7. Some good deals with arrows end cans around etc.:smiley:

Now, I don’t know what colour to go for, Blue & White which is a bit of a classic or the Black little number.
What go you guys think.!!!:ermm:

Black seems to be this years Black but as you say Blue’n’White will always be the Classic:)

Black for me, and I dare say GSXR Ang might agree :wink:

a friend has one in black with gp can it looks fantasic much better then the old blue&white:)

Black k7 Thou for me, I have a single black Carbon Racefit Growler on mine, all I will say is go for the K7 750 better bike IMHO far more useable and better on the track, The 1000 does not fall in and keep a line like the 750 does thats for sure. I keep saying it but I miss the k7 750

Yep Black 1000 … You can drop this in just as well as a 750, it’s the easiest manoeuvrable bike I’ve ever ridden.

Blue/White for me - well thats what im after.

Although when I popped into Steve Jordan Suzuki near Boxhill they had a Copper/Black one. One of only 40 officially for the UK. The rest were racebikes.

Looks very different.

MMMM decisions.

Sorry but that’s not a topic for general discussion… do I buy the ordinary GSXR colours or the rebelliously ordinary… that’s like asking the forum if you should buy a white washing machine?

Why not go for purple metallic glitter with fluorescent lime green rim tape… :smiley:

What are you on about???:stuck_out_tongue:

It’s got to be black but then again I’m biased cos that the one I went for. :wink: :slight_smile: