22k miles, Suzuki GSXR 1000 K3. FSH, last service 3-4k ago

Needs tyres and Tax, less than 6 months on MOT

Never dropped. You can ride it away without any hassles, no hidden secrets

Done 2 trackdays on it. Serviced afterwards. Never had one problem with it.

As you can see from the pics, no undertray. Small plate with original. Alarmed(Datatool) and datatagged. Front braided hoses not fitted. Good bike but fancy a car again, honest reason for sale. People have met me at Bike meets, probably think I’m a but can vouch my bike is as described:D

These pics are 7 months old but its exactly the same ignoring the fact that I’ve moved house since.


Goodbye my lover…goodbye my once friend.

Good luck with the sale. Lovely bike, well looked after, never wheelied properly and still has large chicken strips! :smiley:

It aint that nice, if you look in the top picture even the gnome is running away from it :D:D

Bumders please, lets leave the man love and Mr Gnome out of it(he’s a stroppy cu.nt, when he ain’t fishing, he a bitching:P )…


I gotta help this guy out…here mate…i think this will help with the sale;)…

them forks look mint mate…no scratches on the tail section from what i can see…mid section looks tidy…utter bargain at 3k…


Few scratches, good bike…

only selling it for the car…

Buy my bike and I will let you smash her back doors in…:w00t::P:D


worthy bumpity bump bump i reckn


Deposit down. :slight_smile:

Nice work mate.

Soz dude, changed my phone and lost your number.

Will PM my new one just incase this dude messes me about.

Still forsale?

I`d like a red and yellow one.:slight_smile:

If only I had the cash :crying:

not for sale as deposit taken, dude is picking up a month from now when i stop working as I use it for work.

If he mucks me about, I will re-advertise.:slight_smile:

Not sold and now not for sale. Dude me about so sod him. The plan was to start the new job closer to home and use this money to insure the car but not now.

I’m going back into the forces in a couple months so will be for sale when I start training again as I use it for work now.

Up for sale again.Edited original post.

Needs tyres, Tax and less than 6 months on MOT but WILL pass first time. £2700. Paying for new work licence and I got busted speeding and will lose my licence for a very long time.



Oops what happened?

I can and would buy it but I won’t get insurance :frowning: