looks strong…okay the tyre is a little bit to fat. (no road bends in america, eh?)

Further to the yellow bike pictured on yer other thread, this is much better.

Lovely paint job, and given the straight roads as you say, it looks truly awesome. Bet the chicks are all over it.

As the kids say, “It’s da bomb, dawg” (well, as best I can make out…)

Love the paintjob, detest the wheel/swingarm mod

Really don’t like that swingarm extension and back wheel, think it really spoils an otherwise nice looking bike…

Why would somebody wanna wreck a perfectly beautiful GSX-R and try to make into a harley? Decent paint job though.

Well said.

****ing hideous.

Get a bike with very good handling and ruin it what a great idea

Don’t like that at all, makes the yellow one look great…
…ah I found something I like the seat, the seats nice

I would only like the mod, if a fat nitrous tank was in that gap

ah yes but think americans dont do things by halfs lovely looking but the extended swingarm is there for a reason that engine is not standard,probably around 190bhp

I like the look.

Moves like a fish … steers like a cow! lol

That my friend is a totally poser bike… you know, to cruise down the main drag at South Beach in Miami or pose outside a Starbucks in LA.



Be rubbish here.

But there, I just saw it straight away!! The hot nights, jacked up motors and souped up bikes. A bit of street racing (ahem) and just posing for the ladeeezzz.

Where do I sign???