GSX-R 750 Rebuild!

My 2008 GSX-R 750 is coming back to life, as a street-fighter!

I want something for buzzing around town on, and want something comfier than a sports-bike. I’ve not worked out how I’m going to change the controls so they’re more upright, but that’ll come. I’ll fit some simple headlights as you don’t really need anything too bright in London considering how much lighting we have.

I took some photos today…

The subframe was knackered so that was the first thing to be replaced. It wasn’t too complicated, but was time-consuming. I took photos of everything before I dismantled it so I could use them as a reference if I had any troubles putting it back together.

One of the brake discs was broken in the accident, and after failing to find a cheap replacement I plumped for a pair of new waveys from eBay for the sum of £120, which turned up from China in THREE DAYS! They look the nuts, but I don’t think I took any photos of them, sorry.

I realised I didn’t have any stands for the bike with me, so just laid the bike on its side to take the front wheel off. The R&G’s did their job :slight_smile:

Think the bike looks good as an ultimate cafe racer???

Annoyingly one thing I did notice was that there was a spacer missing from the front spindle. At first I thought this was me losing it, but it wasn’t. Whoever replaced the tyres last time obviously lost it and didn’t say anything. I’m really pissed off about this as they could well have damaged the forks by tightening the spindle up without the spacer to keep it spaced at the right distance, argh!

Some more small parts to order and fit and she should be good!

I also found a mouse in the bike! It popped out to say hi when I was changing the discs, and then ran back inside. The thing has a death-wish!


It looks really cool as it is! :smiley: - spend a bit of timing sourcing some really cool spots and clocks, put on some straight renthals, folding mirrors coming out of the bar ends? and it should look great.I guess your gonna stick with the original GSXR tail unit?

From what I’ve seen not all sports bikes make good looking fighters - but the K8 GSX750 looks like it will make a good looking fighter.

I’d be inclined to keep it simple and subtle as the raw material is already so good - less the more I guess. :cool:

Total muppets for losing the spindle! :crazy: One of thee reasons why I prefer taking in loose wheels these days and doing it myself - especially after coming back from a tyre fitters one time with one of the front calipers missing a bolt and only hanging on with one (loose) remaining bolt . . . :doze:

I meant losing the spacer - losing the spindle would have been kinda obvious . . . :rolleyes:

Thanks mate. Yes, simple is the key here. Cheap and cheerful.

The tail will stay, there’s nothing wrong with it. I’ve still got the stock mirrors but they’ll no doubt look a bit weird, but they do have the indicators built in, so there’s a reason to put them on for the beginning until I work something sleeker out I guess.

It’s not to look good, it’s going to be a do-it-all bike, do-it-all except go fookin’ fast. The S1000RR is for that.

ouch the next time you want to get the front wheel out without laying her down is putting a jack under the down pipe with the bike up tilted on the side stand or use afew bricks

I know, but I didn’t have one to hand. It doesn’t damage the bike laying it down, so no problem at all.

Seems Gixxers are designed to be in the position at least once in their life :slight_smile:

the mt03 headlight would look real nice on that!

Mmm, cheers for the idea :slight_smile:

According to the micro-fiche, there is only one spindle spacer, so it looks alright and there’s no missing parts. Phew! Seems a bit odd, but I guess the big-end of the spindle spaces the LHS.

Part 7 here:

one word for you jay…BOBBER


Man, how cool do they look? :slight_smile: Well the first one anyhow! Might get a bit too much attention in London though!

One word for you Saj - Wetbackside!

Nice one Jay…That bike will be killer when it’s done. Better than the GSR 750 Suzuki are releasing.

Gonna do a K5 1000 overhaul thread at some point :slight_smile:

I did some more work on it today and am dead chuffed that it’s now running!

There’s not many things left to do now. Paperwork, tyre pressures, forks twisted in the yolks, attach a headlight and other stuff. Adz should be looking at finishing it off for me as I don’t have the time.

Will have to do more research for flat bars. I don’t want to have to lean over the bike as currently. I want something more comfortable :slight_smile:

I like your enviromentaly friendly toolbox!!!:slight_smile:

Nice work mate:D:D Look forward to seeing the finished product at BMM!

As long as you don’t get carried away with the rebuild…

Danno, that’s my work-seat :slight_smile: I dug it out of the recycling centre we have, hehe.

Insured today, tax tomorrow!

looking at those Bobber pics is like to looking at a girl with huge tits and no arse…i like my bike to have at least a pert ass

Liking you more each day :hehe: :smiley: :cool:

Jay…Good one…Maybe catch you on the road at some point this year.

If you do, he might not need to fighter the S1000rr :wink:
:doze: :laugh: