GSX-R 1000 K9 - Relentless Suzuki

I love it. Easily a good race-rep if anyone’s up for it :slight_smile:

High-Res available at:

dribble dribble :P:w00t:

its a relentless sponsored bike NOT a tena one


That’s funny :slight_smile:

looks great…

I put your pic on :smiley:

It’s just another black gixer with some stickers on:P:D

I’d rather see it in Lucky Strike colours;)

Well if you can get Kevin back in the paddock and into BSB, then your wish will come true mate :slight_smile:

Do they still have to run dual cans (even though one was fake I think) to meet homologation rules?

Looks nice.

wow magic !!!

i think i saw this or one that looked very similar in Acton yesterday…

Very nice I want one

Nice bike …at the moment id settle for anything that started

Very very nice - I saw a road going rep in Bates, Dartford a month or so ago. Cant remember if it was the 1000, 750 or 600 though. Very nice in the flesh too