GSR Super Tourer anyone?


That givi box is cheating a bit.

i win, though the ones from going to the IoM were better

mmm. urs is higher but I have more :smiley:

oops, claires logged in - Jaime:blush:

Surely an opportunity for some mischief? :smiley:

Having seen those examples above I’m struggeling to understand why anyone would buy a Pan or an FJR1300. Just money down the pan obviously.

check out me old CG on the right many moons ago :smiley:

all you need is a bit of duct tape and your all set

thats just pure british ingenious lol now i know how to get all the spares home when i buy my next bike :slight_smile:

Ross, are you a transformer?

^^^ Looks like a land shark… :smiley: