GSF600 Bandit Streetfighter

Selling my 99 Bandit as need a car as baby on way
Going to throw on ebay next week for £1250
Will take £1150 from fellow Lber

Mileage is about 46000 but i am using it so may go up
Has tax and MOT till March
Put brand new tyres on last month
Replaced all brake pads and cleaned calipers up
New Oil and Filter
Has Straight Bars
Jack Up Kit
Art Racing Can have original that came with it that goes with bike
Belly Pan
Engine Bars that need to be put on

Runs perfect sad to see go but baby on the way
Only bad points is slight rip in seat and chain will need replacing in the near future

Can be seen in the Harrow Area NW London
PM me for details
Any questions ask

Only have one photo but will add some more in week


Mate need a motor baby be here soon but also going to do what i told you friday with remainder of money :wink:

already got offers on ebay lol

Yeah I know but it won’t be the same. Won’t be too long till you get another road bike anyway :P.

Gimme a shout when you have the stuff as discussed.

just waiting for parts from US then its all Go Go Go :slight_smile:

Here is some more pics:

HOW MUCH!!!??? :smiley:

I think he said £1150 but i think he missed a decimal point out £11.50 :hehe:

Sold :smiley:

Hope you gave PJ a bit of commission on it;)

Yep 11.50 :smiley: