GS1200 TE - Stolen Sutton

Hi all

My 6week old GS was nicked from inside my garage on Wed/Thurs night.


New tyres, Puig Hugger (not that common) BMW spots and crash bars and 3m protective film all over (very uncommon)

Sorry to hear this. I know how you feel i had my Bike stolen a couple of weeks ago.

If you put some Pics up of the Bike it will help if anyone spots it.

how did you secure your bike in the garage and how is your garage secured?

Bikes just parked in the garage, ignition locked etc, garage was locked on the door (nothing special if I’m honest) but had bikes in there for years and nothing! Bought the Beemer and boom.

I will say that the penny has dropped, I have a suspect, someone came to fit tyres to my GS at home and a week later it’s gone… You can’t see the garage from the street and if I was followed, I would have seen them! So it is very much a coincidence that 7 days later it vanishes…


That’s scary and a strange coincidence that it’s gone a week later. Will you pass this lead to the police to investigate on?

So your bike was parked in the garage just with steering lock and they busted in and took it? I park my bike in my garage and when outside the house i secure a chain lock, but nothing more than that. That’s why i’m interested to know more about these circumstances as i hope to learn something from it

The thing i have learnt is not to keep worrying over it, If someone wants your bike bad enough they will take it regardless what security you have.

Mine was parked in a secure underground carpark with a heavy duty electric roller shutter that can only be accessed with security cleared cards, CCTV covering the entrance/Exit and the back entrance to the Office where people go for a Fag literally spitting distance away.

They cut the power to the car park, dissabled the shutter, pulled it open, moved 2 bikes out of the way to get to mine and rode off on it with 2 of my colleagues shouting and running after them!!

They wanted my bike and they got it!! no ammount of security would’ve stopped them taking it, as if they couldn’t get it that way they would’ve just waited on me to ride out on it then mug me for it!!

It’s unfortunate it happened but i’m not going to let it spoil my love of bikes, it is the first bike i’ve had stolen in 16-17 years of riding bikes on the road so its not a bad average. It was insured and i’ve been paid out, i’ve forgotten about the bike now and moved on. I would advise you to do the same otherwise you end up getting hung up over it.

My work just got the estimate in todfay for the damage to the car park, £25,500!!! all that just to knick a £8K bike

I sympathise to anyone that has their bike stolen truelly a shit situation - but It Astounds me that time after time I read, well I didn’t really lock it up properly or I thought it d be fine…certainly worth passing on that information to the police though - could be something could be nothing…I ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

I have since fitted all sorts of things, ground anchor, garage defender oh and the next one will be alarmed and trackers up

As per Marmablade, for me some may say a shite attitude to have, and I’m sure should my pride and joy ever get nicked I’d be as pissed as you guys… But if they want it they will get it nothing more can be said Marmablade being a perfect example.

I have locks etc on mine, but I see those more of a visual deterrent for chancers than a professional outfit. Do hope something comes about though guys and they find your bikes.

I live in Sutton and this is worrying …

I have to say in the offroad community we do this

^^^^^ Exactly, Locks will only stop the little oportunist Chav. No ammount of security will stop the proffesional thief that is stealing to order

I assume CCTV would be legal in a garage; I think its a bit of a grey area when its on the outside of your property isn’t it?

@GS-less - hope you get your bike back.

@Abzero - I think you are mistaken with CCTV requirements for businesses. As long as camera is not pointing directly to neighbours, you should be all right.

@nails - cheers for the link - didn’t know the exact laws, knew that you couldn’t just put up whatever you wanted though - it has to be angled correctly.