GS Rider "Holier than thou..

Thursday morning controversy i know, as im sure there are a great many GS riders who are very pleasant…

HOWEVER, it always seems to be a massive great GS with loads of tin full of nothing that cuts me up then has to immediately slam on the anchors because it’s too big to filter.

Then gets on his high horse about “learning how to ride” - when he’s wearing headphones and no gloves… Nice one buddy.

Some are . . . there was one on my recent trip and he had the fog lights, top box, ali panniers, every gizmo going stuck to his GS but he was a great chap and a good laugh.

Unlike the chap on the M25 who stopped in the “bike filtering lane” to speak to his mate and refused to move over . . . he was on a Honda . . . :angry:

Nothing like making a sweeping generalisation…:smiley:

Nothing wrong with GS riders :smiley: my dad and i are very pleasant… oh and so is Lisa too :smiley:

Thanks for calling the Sweeping Generalisation hotline. If you know the number of the frustrated rant and tirade of nonsense you’d like to deliver please dial now. For scooter haters, press 1. For “BMW owners are the most obnoxious, evil, scum-sucking, dirt-licking, arrogant, inconsiderate, rude, third rate, bags of cow manure ANYWHERE” press 2. For people who just hate everyone, press 3. For a specific type of bike press 4 and make your choice from those options, and for anyone else wait for the tone, bleat and moan a bit and then hang up!


Well I say this on newbie night the only LBer who did not sit with the party was…


contender for “Post of the Year” award :smiley:


Point in case!:stuck_out_tongue:

Im actually offended by this u know i am NOT any of those things and i love being a BMW rider thankyou very much! Its like me turning around and calling all sportsbike riders power ninjas or harley riders straight-line scum and its not very nice to generalise!

I think Toby was using the element of sarcasm based upon the OP’s original rant :wink:

Yeah but for sportsbike riders that would be true :stuck_out_tongue:

oooh holier than thou topic weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :slight_smile:

@zeepony - I can sympathise with that and I understand your sentiment.

Ali - don’t take it so personally love, ZP was saying about an incident that had occurred recently and does say at the start of the thread “there are many great GS riders who are pleasant”.

Cheeeeeeeel Winstun!

I agree with what Lou put :smiley:

Besides those of us who know Gs riders know they are lovely people;)

Well - I wanna press 2 ;)*

*Sorry - couldn’t help myself:P

:D:D:D Nothing like a massive misunderstanding to add some humour!

you know summer’s coming when the anti-gs posts start.

next up: riding in shorts…!!

Don’t forget the fliP flops…

It would be nice to know summer was coming because the sun comes out!! But apparently we don’t get that…:hehe: