Grunt Bouquet...

So, just lately, all my farts have smelled the same.

For days.

No variance from ‘eggy’ to ‘evil’ to ‘mild hum’.

Sure, some have been square (feel like they got edges), some have been clappers, some have been bubbles and some have been Suaves…

But every single one of the buggers has smelled the same…

Odd or not???

Have you been spending time with Smiled, Stevie? :stuck_out_tongue:

Never met the fella :wink: I like the cut of his jib though :smiley:

Wow, strange coincidence, I was talkin with a work colleage just now about capturing farts in jars and going for a world record of captured farts, then selling them on ebay, and he piped up with capturing celebrity farts for charity and so it went on. You could open a vintage Beckham in a few years at a dinner party and savour the aroma…think it’s a goer?:smiley:

Hehe… love it - the idea of popping the lid on a rather fruity Liberace, of a full-bodied Jonny Vegas would be soooo cool…

disgusting yuck gross!!! :sick: Stevie! :crazy:

That is disgusting and beyond decent civilised behavior.

Good idea guys. Go for it, after all, ther’s a sucker who’ll pay money for sh*t every time.

I think the sucker is called ebay, or some such.