Grrrr....The South Will Be Hear From Again!!!!

Grrrr! Fed up…as a follow on from April 8th, when I returned to my bike to find a scooter tangled in the fairing. I called the scooter rider’s insurance on April 10th (Monday) and was told that they would contact him and then get in touch with me. 14 days later, I grew weary of waiting and called his original insurance broker (had to speak to two people), obtained the name, phone number and policy number of his insurance company, where I had the happy opportunity to speak to two other people. The cheerful (NOT!) agent handling the case said that their client denied all responsibility. Pictures of his battered bike, and his bike leaning on my Fireblade are whisking her way via Royal Mail. I told her that I was disappointed in their response time, and then fired off a letter to her managing director. Grrrrr!

I did not know that I had to make a police report if it wasn’t a road accident. They pissed me off enough to do this, as well. I am now going all guns…so much for being nice. Sad (for them!) that I have a flip-flop paint job…not a cheap fix on the best of days. Hopefully, the fact that their company was so rubbish about doing their job, the managing director might decide that I am too much trouble (sent pictures to him, too) and just push it through.

They don’t call us ‘steel magnolias’ for nothing where I am from!!!

Welcome to my world what you have done due to your accident is what I do for a living every day.

Go girl, give them hell! Can’t believe he’s denying all liability, especially with witnesses! Bloody muppet, giving all us scooterists a bad name. Punch him for me, will ya.

Don’t you worry…I have a long fuse, but will not put up with this rubbish. I thought that I was being quite nice and patient, as I understood that it was an accident. Still, accidents cause damage.

In defense of scooter riders, I know a rider who was knocked off this weekend. Scooter boys helped him pick up his bike. Meanwhile, the car that knocked him off waited until the bike was out of his path, and then drove away…hit and run. The scooter boys (bless them!) chased after the car and tried to get the keys out of the ignition at the lights. They didn’t succeed, but the effort gives them brownie points in my book! Hooray!

Not sure if this cuts it, but it is the picture I took when I first walked up to my bike…worried that he was going to drive away. My bike is on its side-stand with the disc-lock on. Can you tell that his bike is on my bike…the levers were caught in the front fairing, but I did not get a front view . I also took pictures of his bike to illustrate how banged up it was…not a lot of concern for his bike, so I doubt that he cares about anyone’s paint job.


Scooter Against My Motorcycle As I Arrived On Scene.jpg

Right Side of Scooter....this is the side that hit my bike..jpg

Right Side of Scooter...Scratches..jpg

From the look of the pictures you can’t tell a lot I am afraid. His word against yours unless you have witnesses. I wish you luck in your claim.

I have a witness. Hooray!

Shame its only one, want a few more?

Good luck with this mate… keep us up to date with what happens.

You must be really pissed off Brooke. Get in touch with Rider Support, they get things sorted a lot quicker than the insurance companies. They will tell you exactly what to do. Their number is 0208 246 4900…

Im suprised u didnt kick his/her scooter to the ground and smash the sh*t out of it…good luck with the claim

Ha! We obviously haven’t met, then . Not really my style, but I will fight hard through the proper channels. Fab advice, as always, y’all. Heading off to the police station to make my report…

best take some food and stuff with you normally takes about 3 hours…

Just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone for pointing me in the right direction (as usual). I have been in touch with Rider Support (they are fab!), made my police report, sent strongly worded letters to scooter boy’s insurance company (stroppy cow agent, and managing director) with pictures attached, and started obtaining quotes for my paint job. Fingers crossed!

Rider support are very good and have never steered any one I know wrong with poor advise, usually they do ask me first, it is my job. Any letter sent complaining or claiming should have a note of what you expect them to do about it and a note of what will happen if they don’t.

I say sue em all and let the courts decide, but thats just because I wait on hold for hours on end to call centres in Mumbai.


Brooke, you could be the “LB Fighter of Injustices” !!

How do you look in a cape?

6’1" and blonde with a cape

Bit hard to make a claim stick i would think, they could always say that some1 else knocked/moved it onto your bike.

Have seen fvckwits move pepes bikes over to get theirs in.

I would have cut the cables or stabbed the tyres.

Better than you look in a suit, Andrew! Had to look twice to figure out the identity of the handsome lad! Do I get special powers, too?!

Quick question on point raised about proving responsibility. If a car rolls down a hill when parked (not in gear, parking brake failure?), is the owner of the car responsible for the damage done to any other cars (or people) it might hit? I am not sure how the law views it, but the fact that his bike fell on mine seems to suggest that he should carry a bit of the responsibility for crap parking.

Indeed indeed. I am a sad sight in work clothes. Esp when grumpy, tired and over-exposed to public transport.

You will get special powers my girl, but I can’t tell you which yet.