GRR Puncture....Grr

Morning All,

Have been unfortunate enough to experience a puncture this morning. Lovely AA came out and plugged the hole for me which is good.

2 Questions Now: 1. How long can I ride with the temporary plug in? Im planning to do the Spills rally tomo so will I be ok for that or should I change it. (The plug is bang in the middle of the tyre and AA man said it would be ok but temporary).

  1. Can anyone recommend a good place to get a replacement tyre? (West London way would be best)Both front and back are relatively new so don’t particularly want to spend too much. Currently have Metzlers and its a 00’ Suzuki 650SVS.

Any help or tips for places would be greatly appreciated.

Go to a proper tyre place and they can plug it properly which will be in the region of £5-12 and that will be fine providing the punctuure wasn’t on the side wall, not to big and hasnt been plugged properly before…

if this is anything like the car stuff, you cannot go over 50mph and I think it is about 50miles, but I could be wrong so yer if your donig the rally I would seriously suggest changing it…

buy some tyre foam and take it with you just in case if you dont have time to get a plug before

£5-12? thats blummin cheap. i’ve had the pleasure of a few plugs and have been 20-25 quid.

to be honest ive never had it done on a bike…only on a car so that was an assumption! So yeah maybe…i

I’ve done over 140mph on a plugged tyre (not in the UK). I forgot about it, heh. The plug will be fine.

Got two plugs in my rear tyre, both £20 and will last as long as the tyre does.

If you get over 10 mph at the kill spill, ya a lucky bugga. The temp plug will probably hold up for that (just take it easy on ride there and back) and get it properly plugged, so long as it is not in the side wall, or too big, should be able to be plugged and last as long as the tyre.

Seems it can also reach speeds in excess of 140! lol although, not recommended!

Cheers for all the info.

Can I just confirm that a roadside temporary repair is different to what I will get at a tyre shop? The guy used one of those heavy duty elastic band things with some blue paste. Is the repair shop just going to take that out and put the same thing back in again?

Essential Rubber…let them deal with it all !!

All sorted. Used “The Cavalry” (0800 956 7594). The guy showed up, took the wheel off, plugged it up and now it’s as good as new.

Bring on the Spills Rally tomorrow.

Had one done by Essential Rubber in January and its still holding.

Jay, why didn’t I win the tyre competition??? I really needed them, will have to try and sell something now. Selling my body is no longer an option!!

glad you got it sorted. what was the damage?


But he came to my office and sorted it out in the car park. Given that I’m in Holborn, not too bad.

Should have asked for a receipt so I can expense it!!!