growing old

For the last few weeks i have felt uncomfortable with my eyes especially reading small print close up. So today i went a very good opticians in Enfield and my eyes do need help with glasses with reading close up and on the computer.
I suppose this happens when you reach 40 when everything starts to go down hill.

Yea, it`s all downhill from now on.

I`ve got spectacles.

i went through this earlier on in the year to, still dont like waring glasses.

Yea but you`ve got a bionic cock.:smiley:

Don’t worry johnp, I wasn’t even 30 when I got told I needed to wear glasses for reading and for PC … I think you’ve done much better eyeswise than I have lol :smiley:

Keep meaning to get mine tested

Wait till you get your Tfl Freedom Pass :w00t:

Don’t worry about the glasses, there’s worse to come.

Piles, hernias, varicose veins, lumbago, then you get a Freedom Pass and a while later, as if all that lot’s not bad enough, the Pensions people write to you.

And you still can’t get your kids to move out!

:Whistling: :Whistling: I mean its hard turning old… i turn 25 at the end of the month and i feel like my life is nearly over :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: :w00t: :Whistling:

I vaguely remember being 25. As I recall, it was great.

Had a “to die for” girl friend while having an affair with a WPC while casual working for a McLaren offshoot.

I can vouch for 27 too

Pity the 40 odd years that followed didn’t live up to that.

Your right. 25 and your life’s almost over.

:laugh: How did I know you would be the first person to post on a thread about old age?

Bifocals and long greasy hair ain’t a good look mate. At least bifocals make ya knob look bigger thats one plus point en it turkey neck?

Laser eye treatment :hehe:

I cin’t fand my glusses. :frowning:

i thought it was 35 :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah your right :wink: but you are way ahead of me at 40 :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

i am young as the woman i feel and she is feeling about 30 :stuck_out_tongue: