Group Purchase Almax

Anyone doing a group buy for Almax? Need to get some additional security.

If not, anyone know the latest offer being a LB member?

Doh, just bought a new chain!

Didn’t even realise we can get any discount for being a LB member. Went for a Pragmasis one in the end, same chain/lock etc, same price (1.5m 16mm chain + Squire padlocl - £160) but the Pragmasis was free postage, Almax wanted extra £8 to deliver.

Almax provide free postage for LBers, just mention the site :slight_smile:

had to laugh at the pragmasis video showing all the chains, got big set of bolt cutters and not 1ce does he use/show they don’t work.

I would be up for a group buy…

Got a friend who wants one.

1 more for a group buy