Group Dyno run - May

Wanna find out how much power your bike is kicking out?

Maybe find out if the fuelling of your bike is running effienciently or whether it can be improved, giving you better fuel economy, bike power and feel?

Well then, let’s all get our bikes run on the dyno.

Based in Aylesbury, Road & Track will do a run for a tenner per bike…Possibly less if there are enough of us.

Put your names down today. I’ve left a voicemail with the guys and I’ll book it up when I hear from them.

The plan…

Meet at the Ace at 9:30 am on a Saturday in May (Date TBC).

Leave at 10 am…Grab the A40 and get off at the Amersham Road junction (the famous A413)…Take the brilliant twisty road all the way up to Aylesbury and to Road & Track, getting there at about 11:30 am latest.


Names so far…


Killer #1

tug 1400



Terry Moto

mj jonesy



Busa 55

max fz1



Nice idea, I’m up for that.

Crack on - nice one Afro man!!

put me down please

I’m up for that as well!

And your luvverrrr?

Actually, seeing as he was too lazy to finish the job of organising this before, I should bar him

Jokes Terry…

Yeah why not i’d like to see what the Blade is putting out and see if the Map i loaded on the PCIII is any good!

Up why not

i’m in

Put me down please

I’m in!

put me down subject to work

Add me, as long as I get my PC3 in time, my fuelling is messed.

Only free May date Chris at R&T has is Saturday, 26th, but I’m at Bikefest in Donington.

I don’t mind not going to this shoot out…Cos my bike will embarass all of yours

So I could just book it up or push it back to June (and have to start a new thread )

Or just change the title to read ‘June’

Can’t do that with this forum software mate

you and terry moto…

I e-mailed about them about offer -still stands, but weekends go quickly, so need to decide asap.

Plus if you want a fuelling dyno instead of straight power output, cost ya £37, can do on the same day, just let Chris know.

I’m not around that May weekend


unlikely i can do june - supposed to be away for most of it

maybe do two groups?

Terry was pouting at me on Chelsea Bridge yesterday…Thought he was trying to look sexy.

I said, “Don’t look at me like that mate, I’m single, but not yet crossed the roads.”

Turns out he was mad at me for letting this event go…So it’s all yours again mate.