Group choice

The last trackday i did was Mallory in novice and was comfortably running at the front without much trouble at all in the wet and dry.

Im looking at doing Snetterton soon and dont know what group to choose, i haven’t ridden it before which makes me think i should be in the novice group… but then again i hadn’t ridden Mallory before and started to get really wound up by the traffic.

I want to crack on and have fun on my bike, im not interested in racetecs and warmers (yet lol) but just dont want to go round at a leisurely pace!

Would it be silly to jump into inters on a track you’ve never ridden before? I suppose you’ve got to take the step up at some point though

why not do inters and drop down to novice if you dont like it?

the more i think about it i’m going to book novice and take it from there, snet and mallory are different animals! i think first time out at that track in inters may be a little cocky! hopefully inters will have some space for me to try once i get my eye in!