Ground anchors?

Anyone got any advice on which make or any good deals? I don’t know where to start except to say I should be able to concrete it into the ground if that’s the best.

I may have a second option of drilling into a wall, but that would be secondary.

There area massive variety out there, choose one with a good rating and one which will suit you own circumstances. Check out the “bike” website as they review them quite a lot. Speak to BabyJ.

Go to the Almax site they have the best chains money can by and can provide anchors of a similar quality


Go to a dock yard, buy a few old anchor-chain links attached together (3 will do). Lower 2½ of the links (thats almost 3ft!) into a hole and fill with concrete.

Will make any ground anchor you find in the shops look like a big paper clip (most are too short to be of any genuine use).

Do they have a website and will they deliver (other than by ship)?

Dunno about a website…but google is your friend

Kryptonite Stronghold ground anchor scored 10 out of 10 in RIDE magazine’s tests - so I got one . . .

I bought this one from Almax, but have decided not to install it due to the fact that I rent a house with garage and don’t really know how long I am going to stay there, so waste of time and money concreting it in!

Costs £75, but if you like the look of it, say £50 + p+p ??? It is brand new and still in box!!!

They are very highly rated

Let me know

Thanks for the ideas / offers gents. I think I’ll be paying you a visit Charlie… the datatool fortress sits flush in the ground so I think I will go for the inconspicuity of that.