Ground anchors

Righto, I’m moving to Catford. Huzzah! So I’ll be needing a ground anchor and lots of additional chains and locks. But mostly a ground anchor. This will go in the little patio bit in front of the bay window at the front of the house.

So, suggestions for tried and tested ground anchors which are fairly easy to install, please?

Cheers peeps!

Speak to Charlie… He does them…

There are two main types though ones you contcrete in and ones that use bolts that splay out and you then hammers something into the bolt heads to stop people taking them out again.

You’ll need a sound surface either way though.

Jebus that was quick! Ta I think we’ve got a sound surface, and my brother’s letting me do whatever I want to the patio… concrete, whatever. So I’m going to go for whatever kind of ground anchor is hardest to remove. I’ll accost Charlie about them oN Wednesday

Hi keti, i not far form catford, just down rd in rotherhithe.

I had a thought of making 2 holes in a wheelie bin putting chain through then filling bottom or more of wheelie bin with concrete, with this ya can ride bike in the block bike with wheelie bin and chin it too, lol.

I know, i was’nt drunk or high.

come and see me on sat or sunday at rex judds in west hampsted oppisite west hampstead tube we do abus stuff dear but good,i will sort a nice price for you.

I thoguth the only chain to have thses days was the Almax 1?

It is but the series IV is a big b@stard…

Also get a very strong drill as well and a super hard drill but as I snapped a drill bit and wore a drill out when I tried to fit mine. If the concerete is extra hard nutter bassa stuff it can be a bit of a nightmare!

I find if you hire the UK Kabadi team to run around your bike - they are absoloutely brilliant at catching anyone that comes near - after all it’s in the game!!

just a thought

Nurse the screens


Failing that the groundhog anchor that you cement into the ground and a fort knox chain has worked pretty well for me.

Just remember - a ground anchor is for llife, not just for christmas

hoo ya

Or know someone with a heavy duty tool

Datatool Fortress 1 is looking likely, now that I’ve done some reading on it. And a biiiiiiiiig heavy duty chain too.

Wot bout 1 of them lights that go on when ya walk nr em too? high up and protect it so cant get smashed. will light bike up if scrote gets nr and also gives ya bit of light if locking up at night.
Ya can angle the light too so just covers yer garden area, if not that big. dont cost much monies either.

Almax chain you want too.

I think there’s already one of them fitted. It’s just below the window of what will be my room, so that’s cool.

Cheers for the tips, all

You braggin’, Biggus?

Buy yourself a bike cover. Mine was in SE23 with ground anchor outside my bedroom window and the scrotes still tried to nick bits off it. Out of site, (usually) out of mind.

Got a cover… it looks really dirty n stuff (on purpose, of course… ahem!), so hopefully that’ll deter them

My drill now has a heavy duty bit permanently attached thanks to fitting a couple of ground anchors

yes don’t be tempted to use your little DIY tool for this job - I broke mine when I was forcing it in - it got so hot I had to get Catherine to splash water on it - but still no good it broke the hammer action.

So off to HSS to hire a heavy duty tool, perfect for the job, the hammer action was more than i was used to but it made short work of that hole I can tell you!


the best way to affix an anchor is by chemical resin there’s no way these can be removed

ahhh… but to be honest there’s no way you’re removing a chunch of metal screwed into the floor 6 inches…!