Ground Anchor

Anyone know about supplying and fitting a ground anchor?

bought mine from B & Q i think, fitted it to the wall of the garage rather than the floor.

You can get someone to concrete it in either. I read an article about these in Superbike. Some come with a ball bearing to smash into the bolts thus rounding them off so they can’t be removed.

I’ve got a Y anchor thats set in a 4x4 concrete block that sits flush to the ground, its not going anywhere :smiley:

I’ve got an Oxford one, cant remember the model :ermm:. Bolts in about 3 inches into the ground, was fairly simple to drill the holes (fitted into a concrete slab) And then with the ball bearings to smash into the bolt heads, doesn’t look like its coming out anytime soon (fingers crossed)

When I bought my anchor (PJB Red Alert), I found it rather randomly on a site called Hygiene Supplies Direct. I’m not connected in any way,but did get it for 28 quid instead of 40 odd at other places.

That model comes with expansion bolts and ball bearings, you just need a massive drill bit to fit.

I have a Y anchor fitted into 60kgs of concrete. It would be better if I could have fitted this into a concreted area, but I only had a grass area to fit it in.

But no bike…:ermm:

Hurry up and man up I wanna take you on the trip of a lifetime :D:D:D


Got mine in Argos for about £15…bargain and very solid.

There was someone mentioned on the site a while back that came and did it for you, can’t remember who though.

I have a spare hardie ground anchor if you want to make me an offer :slight_smile:


Does Mel know?

I got the Y anchor too and it’s great product!

Hi Major we can supply them at and you could ask Andy from ANCHOR MAN about fitting

check out our video here

I know…I keep spending all my money on the M3 though! Could have bought a bike now but I’ve got a bit carried away with roll cages etc :smiley:

Its at the top of my list though for when Im flush!

I can always chain the car to the drive so its not a total waste ha ha

Think about the size of chain your going to use, the largest security chains now go up to 19.85mm. The larger Ground anchors cost around the same so if you fit a larger one you can “future proof” yourself should you want to upgrade later onand in the meantime you could allways fit two chains through them.

Once fitted give your insurance a prod as you might get some discount especially if the Ground anchor is sold secure or thatcham approved.

Normie (27/10/2010)

Hi Major we can supply them at and you could ask Andy from ANCHOR MAN about fitting

check out our video here[/quote]i was about to recommend Andy, he’s a good friend of mine and a long time biker himself.

I have a hardie secure ground anchor (

No link to the company, its the ground anchor that came with my almax - i bought it all as a package deal

Took me a while to drill a fat hole in the concrete floor of my garage but it makes me feel happier knowing that lifting the bike from my garage is going to be a lot of effort and noise. The fitting itself was easy, the drilling was a mission due to all the pebbles in the concrete. Had to break them up with a hammer and screwdriver

Thank you to all for the advice, links and guidance :slight_smile: