Ground Anchor Solution

My brother’s just moved in to a new flat in Scotland. All the car parking spaces are owned by the development collectively but he has an allocated space. He was planning to sink a ground anchor, but visitors etc quite often park in any random free space so he was worried that coming home from work, there would be a car parked in his space and nowhere to chain his bike up securely. We then thought about putting a security post in that would keep the space free and provide something to chain his bike to but the Chairman of the Resident’s Association thought that as this wasn’t allowed in the deeds, there were a couple of busibodies who would complain endlessly. Likewise any other kind of permanent fixing or structure so a garden shed and similar was out. So we were thinking of ways around this… a rusty old shed of a Ford Transit - park it up and let the air out the tyres and have a ramp to pull out the back, but again risk upsetting his new neighbours. So we decided to order a big monster of a concrete block with a thick metal iron hoop (like the type you see in town with temporary traffic-lights stuck in them). The local road works contractors supplied it and HIAB’d it in for £100 all in. Not bad eh? I’m sure someone will find something to complain about but it’s not permanent and I can’t see too many tea-leafs taking the time to try and take his bike off it.

sounds like a plan indeed. i had always thought of getting a crate or wheely bin filling it with concrete but putting something like a scaffold pole thought the middle for chain to pass through.


Sounds a great solution, but now stick a nicely planted “window box” or two against it to make it look pretty and stop the old farts complaining.

Good one guys. You can’t keep a good biker down!

Perhaps you should paint it like noddys car or something as cheerfully p1ss taking :slight_smile: